Does Suede Get Ruined In The Rain?

Many people love the look and feel of suede shoes, but they are concerned about how they will hold up in the rain. This post will explore the best ways to keep your suede shoes looking great even in the rain.

Does Suede Get Ruined In The Rain?

Suede is a soft, smooth fabric that you can easily ruin if it gets wet. This is because suede is made up of tiny fibers that are easily stretched and pulled.

When suede gets wet, the water can cause the fibers to stretch and pull apart, ultimately ruining the fabric.

What is Suede?

Suede is a type of leather made from the skin of a cow or goat. It is often treated with a special oil that makes it resistant to water and dirt.

Suede is often used in shoes, jackets, and other clothing because it is comfortable and withstands wear.

How Does Suede Hold Up in the Rain?

Suede is a very durable material, and it is usually resistant to water and dirt. However, if the suede is not treated correctly, it can get ruined in the rain.

Suede will start to absorb water and dirt, which will cause it to become heavy, brittle, and rough. This can cause holes in the suede, making it vulnerable to damage from rain and other elements.

How to Clean Suede Shoes in the Rain

Suede shoes are a popular choice for those who want stylish and comfortable footwear. However, like any other fabric, suede can be damaged by rain. There are a few ways to clean suede shoes in the shower:

  • Rinse the shoes in cool water to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Shake off any excess water and then place the shoes in a dryer on low heat for about 10 minutes.
  • Apply a suede cleaning polish such as ShoeDressing Supreme or Suede & Leather Polish to polish the shoes.

How to Protect Your Suede Shoes from Weather Damage

Like most people, you probably take great care of your suede shoes. You polish them occasionally and put them in a plastic bag if you plan on storing them for a while. However, even the best-protected suede shoes can suffer from water damage if they get wet.

Here are some tips to help protect your suede shoes from weather damage:

  1. Always store your suede shoes in a dry place when not worn. This includes the basement, garage, or closet, where they will be less likely to get wet.
  2. If you do get your suede shoes wet, try to blot as much of the water as possible away as soon as possible. This will help preserve the shoe’s structural integrity and prevent it from stretching or tearing.
  3. Do not try to dry the shoes by themselves. Instead, please place them in a low-heat dryer on the gentle cycle for about 10 minutes. This will help remove any water and minimize the chances of damage to the shoe’s suede finish.
  4. If you damage your suede shoes, don’t be afraid to get them repaired or replaced. Many reputable repair shops can handle repairing or restoring damaged suede shoes.

As you can see, suede shoes are a great way to add style and durability to your wardrobe. With a little bit of care, your suede shoes will look great for years to come.

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