Does Polyester Thread Cut Cotton Fabric? [FAQs] [Topic]


Have you ever wondered if using polyester thread can cut through cotton fabric? This question might have crossed your mind if you are new to sewing or searching for the perfect thread for your next project. In this article, we will dive into the details to provide you with an answer, along with some important things you should know about polyester thread and cotton fabric. Additionally, we will share some helpful tips to ensure your sewing projects are successful. So, let’s get started!


The simple answer to the question “Does polyester thread cut cotton fabric?” is no. Polyester thread is not sharp enough to cut through cotton fabric. However, there are a few factors to consider when it comes to the interaction between polyester thread and cotton fabric.

Polyester thread is generally stronger than cotton thread, which makes it a popular choice for sewing projects that require durability. When sewing with polyester thread on cotton fabric, it is important to properly match the thread weight to the fabric weight to avoid any potential damage to the fabric.

While polyester thread may not cut through cotton fabric, it is possible for the fabric to tear or fray if the stitching is too tight or the thread tension is too high. It is always recommended to test your sewing machine settings and make adjustments as necessary to achieve a balanced stitch.

Things You Should Know

Here are three things you should know about polyester thread and cotton fabric:

  1. Thread Weight: Polyester thread comes in different weights, just like cotton thread. It is important to choose the appropriate thread weight for your fabric to avoid any potential damage. Lighter weight fabrics generally require lighter weight threads, while heavier fabrics may require heavier threads.
  2. Mixing Threads: It is possible to mix polyester thread with cotton fabric as long as you choose the right thread weight and tension. This combination can provide added strength and durability to the seams of your project.
  3. Pre-Washing: Cotton fabric tends to shrink, while polyester thread does not. To avoid any puckering or rippling after washing your finished project, it is recommended to pre-wash both the fabric and the thread before sewing.


Here are five tips to ensure successful sewing with polyester thread on cotton fabric:

  1. Choose the Right Needle: Use a universal needle or a needle specifically designed for cotton fabric to prevent any unnecessary fabric damage.
  2. Adjust Thread Tension: Make sure your sewing machine is properly adjusted for the polyester thread and cotton fabric combination. Test stitch on a scrap fabric to find the ideal tension setting.
  3. Use Quality Thread: Invest in good quality polyester thread that is specifically designed for sewing. This will ensure optimal performance and minimize the risk of any thread breakage during sewing.
  4. Stitch Length: Adjust the stitch length according to the fabric weight. For lightweight cotton fabric, a shorter stitch length is recommended, while heavier fabric may require a longer stitch length.
  5. Proper Finishing: Secure your stitches at the beginning and end of each seam to prevent unraveling. Backstitch or use a lockstitch function on your sewing machine to reinforce the stitching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about polyester thread and cotton fabric:

Q: Can I use polyester thread for hand sewing cotton fabric?

A: Yes, you can use polyester thread for hand sewing cotton fabric. However, make sure to choose the appropriate thread weight for the fabric and adjust the tension accordingly.

Q: Can I use cotton thread on polyester fabric?

A: Yes, you can use cotton thread on polyester fabric. However, polyester thread is usually recommended for polyester fabric as it provides better strength and durability.

Q: Can I mix polyester thread with cotton thread?

A: Yes, you can mix polyester thread with cotton thread. This can provide added strength to your seams, especially when sewing projects that require extra durability.

Q: What are the advantages of using polyester thread?

A: Polyester thread is known for its strength, resistance to UV rays and chemicals, and minimal shrinkage. It is also less likely to break or fray compared to cotton thread.

Q: How do I prevent thread breakage when using polyester thread?

A: To prevent thread breakage, make sure to use a good quality polyester thread, adjust the tension, and choose the appropriate needle for your fabric. Properly maintaining and cleaning your sewing machine can also help avoid thread breakage.

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Now that you have all the information you need, you can confidently choose the right thread for your cotton fabric projects and create beautiful and durable sewn creations. Happy sewing!

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