Does Michaels Stretch Canvas? [FAQs]

Does Michaels Stretch Canvas

If you’re an artist, you know how important it is to have the right canvas for your work. Michaels is a popular art supply store that offers a variety of canvases, but does Michaels stretch canvas?

Types of Canvas at Michaels

Michaels offers a wide range of canvas options, including stretched, unstretched, and pre-stretched canvases. They also offer different materials such as traditional cotton, linen, and synthetic fibers.

Does Michaels Stretch Canvas?

Yes, Michaels offers a stretching service for canvases. You can purchase an unstretched canvas and have it stretched to your desired size at Michaels.

How Much Does it Cost to Stretch Canvas at Michaels?

The cost of stretching a canvas at Michaels varies depending on the size and type of canvas. On average, stretching a canvas can cost anywhere from $10 to $50.

Is it Better to Buy a Pre-Stretched Canvas?

It really depends on your preference and budget. Pre-stretched canvases can save you time and hassle, but they can also be more expensive. Stretching your own canvas allows for more control over the size and tension of the canvas.


Can I Stretch My Own Canvas?

Yes, stretching your own canvas is a great option for artists who want more control over the size and tension of their canvas. Michaels offers canvas stretching supplies such as stretcher bars and canvas pliers to make the process easier.

What Type of Canvas Should I Use?

Choosing the right canvas depends on your medium and personal preference. Traditional cotton canvas is a popular choice, but linen and synthetic fibers can also work well. Experiment with different types to find what works best for you.

How Do I Care for my Stretched Canvas?

Keep your canvas away from direct sunlight and moisture. You can also dust it regularly with a soft cloth. Avoid using cleaning agents or water on your canvas as it can damage the surface.

Can I Frame a Stretched Canvas?

Yes, you can frame a stretched canvas. Michaels offers a variety of framing options to choose from.

How Long Does it Take to Stretch a Canvas at Michaels?

The time it takes to stretch a canvas at Michaels varies depending on the workload of the store. It’s best to call ahead and ask for an estimated time frame.

What Size Canvases Does Michaels Offer?

Michaels offers canvases in a variety of sizes, from small 4×4 canvases to large 48×60 canvases.

Do I Need to Prime my Canvas?

It’s recommended to prime your canvas before painting on it. Michaels offers a variety of gesso and primer options to choose from.

What’s the Difference Between Stretched and Unstretched Canvas?

Stretched canvas is already mounted onto a wooden frame, while unstretched canvas is just the canvas material without the wooden frame. Stretching your own canvas allows for more control over the size and tension of the canvas.

Pros of Stretching Your Own Canvas

Stretching your own canvas allows for more control over the size and tension of the canvas. It can also be more cost-effective in the long run if you plan on creating a lot of art.

Tips for Stretching Your Own Canvas

Use a staple gun to secure the canvas to the wooden frame. Make sure to stretch the canvas evenly on all sides for a smooth surface. Use canvas pliers to help grip and pull the canvas taut.


Michaels does offer canvas stretching services, but you can also stretch your own canvas with the right supplies. Consider your budget and preference when choosing between pre-stretched and unstretched canvases. Properly caring for your canvas can help it last for years to come.

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