Does Knit Fabric Fray? (Loops + Stitching)

I’m sure we’ve all been there before. You’re out at the fabric store, perusing the racks of beautiful fabrics, and you spot the perfect knit fabric for your next project.

But does knit fabric fray? No, it doesn’t fray. You don’t have to finish seams with a serger or another type of stitching.

unravelling knit fabric
Unraveling knit fabric. Credit: canva

This blog post will be about fraying and what you need to do.

What is Fraying?

Fraying is when the threads that make up your fabric start to come undone and unravel.

It can happen when you’re sewing, from snagging on objects like jewelry or furniture, or from wear and tear over time.

Once the fibers start to unravel, they can quickly turn into actual holes in the fabric. 

Does Knit Fabric Fray?

unravelling knit fabric
Unraveling knit fabric. Credit: canva

No. Knit fabric doesn’t fray. Many will just curl if the edge is raw. 

You don’t have to finish seams with a serger or another type of stitching, which you would do with woven fabrics.

While you may see some fraying on the edges after you’ve cut it, that’s simply because the factory-cut edges are usually not as clean and straight as the ones you’ll get with a rotary cutter.

So don’t let a little fraying deter you from using it in your next project!

The Characteristics of Knit Fabric

fabric knit 4
Knitted garments. Credit: canva

The knit fabric comprises interlocking loops of yarn or thread to form a mesh-like structure. The fabric is made to create a natural give or stretch to the fabric.

This stretch makes them ideal for garments like leggings, t-shirts, and baby clothes.

Why is It not Fraying?

frayed rope
Frayed rope. Credit: canva

The main reason why knit fabric does not fray is because of the way it is constructed.

As I mentioned, it comprises interlocking loops of yarn or thread. These loops give the fabric its stretchiness and make it so comfortable to wear. But because the loops are interlocked, they also prevent the fabric from fraying.

How to Choose the Fabric

fabric knit 3
Credit: canva

Things to Consider

When choosing knit fabric, there are a few things to consider.

Stretchy or Not

The first is whether you want a fabric that is stretchy or not. They are usually more stretchy than other fabrics, which can be helpful if you need to fit something into a tight space or if you want to move your clothing around easily.

The Fabric’s Drape

Another consideration is the fabric’s drape. This refers to how well the fabric flows and moves when you move it.

You may want the material with a good drape if you plan on wearing it as clothing outside in hot weather or if you want it to flow gracefully when you dance.


The final factor to consider when choosing is the material’s properties. For example, some knit materials are resistant to wrinkles and abrasion,

How to Choose the Right Fabric

To choose the right one for your project, consider the following factors:

  • The weight of the fabric: Heavyweight ones are generally more durable than lightweight fabrics.
  • The style you are trying to achieve: Loosely woven fabrics drape better than dense fabrics.
  • The climate where you will wear your garment: Woven woolen fabrics can be more resilient in hot weather than synthetic materials.


There are a few advantages of knitting fabric over other fabrics.

  • One advantage is that the drapes and flows better than other fabrics. This is because the stitches are close together, which gives the fabric a smooth surface.
  • It also keeps its shape better than other fabrics, which makes it perfect for clothing that needs to be fitted, like jeans or skirts.
  • Finally, it often appears more expensive than other fabrics because of the extra time and effort put into creating it.

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Hairspray is a great way to stop the fabric from fraying. It helps reinforce the fibers in the fabric and keep them from falling apart.

Plus, it gives the fabric a nice sheen, which can be a nice finishing touch.

What Fabric Does Not Fray?

No fabric does not fray because all fabrics are eventually cut by something. However, some fabrics fray more easily than others.

Generally, nonwoven materials don’t fray as easily as most woven or knit fabrics.

Can You Cut Knit Fabric?

Yes, you can cut knit fabric! Just be sure to use sharp scissors and take your time.

If you’re cutting a lot of fabric at once, it might be helpful to use a rotary cutter.

Does Spandex Fray When Cut?

Spandex does not fray when cut but can run if not handled properly. Be sure to use sharp scissors and cut slowly to avoid runs.

Can You Hem a Knit Sweater?

Yes, you can hem a knit sweater. Just be sure to use a stretch stitch or serger so the fabric can still stretch.

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