How to Shrink Cordura: A Quick Guide (Pics)

Have you ever purchased a cordura item, only to find that it’s a bit too big or loose? Do you want to shrink your cordura fabric to fit you perfectly? Look no further!

Whether you’re a hiker, a biker, or a military enthusiast, knowing how to shrink cordura fabric can be a useful skill. It can save you money and time, and help you achieve a better fit for your gear.

Does Cordura Fabric Shrink?

Are you wondering if Cordura fabric can be shrunk? The answer is yes, but it depends on how you go about it. Cordura is a durable and strong fabric that is commonly used in outdoor gear, backpacks, and military equipment. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Cordura fabric can shrink, but it may not be noticeable. Cordura is a nylon-based fabric that is resistant to shrinking, but it can still shrink if exposed to high temperatures. The shrinkage may not be noticeable at first, but it can affect the fit and comfort of your gear over time.
  • Heat is the enemy of Cordura fabric. If you want to shrink Cordura fabric, it’s important to avoid using high heat. High heat can damage the fabric and cause it to shrink too much or too unevenly.
  • Washing Cordura in cold water can help prevent shrinkage. If you need to wash your Cordura gear, use cold water and a gentle cycle. Avoid using hot water or high heat in the dryer.
  • Dry cleaning is a safe option for Cordura fabric. If you’re not sure how to clean your Cordura gear, consider taking it to a professional dry cleaner. Dry cleaning is a safe option that won’t damage the fabric or cause it to shrink.
  • Always check the care label before washing or drying Cordura fabric. The care label will provide specific instructions for cleaning and maintaining your Cordura gear. Follow these instructions carefully to avoid damaging the fabric or causing it to shrink.

Understanding Cordura Fabric

Cordura is a type of nylon-based fabric that is known for its durability and strength. It is often used in military and law enforcement clothing and gear due to its ability to withstand wear and tear.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with Cordura fabric:

  • Durability: Cordura fabric is designed to be durable and long-lasting. It is resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs, making it a popular choice for outdoor gear and heavy-duty clothing.
  • Weight: Despite its durability, Cordura fabric is lightweight, making it comfortable to wear and easy to move in. It also has a high “durability per weight” index, meaning that it is strong and durable for its weight.
  • Water Resistance: Cordura fabric is water-resistant, which means that it repels water and dries quickly. This makes it a great choice for outdoor clothing and gear that may be exposed to rain or other moisture.
  • Breathability: While Cordura fabric is water-resistant, it is also breathable, which means that it allows air to circulate and helps to regulate body temperature. This makes it a comfortable choice for outdoor activities and athletic wear.

By understanding the properties of Cordura fabric, you can better care for your corduroy garments and ensure that they last for years to come.

How to Shrink Cordura (Easy Steps in Bullet Points)

Shrinking Cordura fabric is a great way to get your clothes fitting just right. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Wash the Cordura

Put the Cordura fabric in the washing machine with hot water and a small amount of detergent. Use the gentle cycle and let it run through a full cycle.

Step 2: Dry the Cordura

After washing, put the Cordura in the dryer on high heat. Check the fabric every 10 minutes to see how much it has shrunk. If it has shrunk enough, remove it from the dryer and hang it up to cool.

Step 3: Iron the Cordura

If the Cordura hasn’t shrunk enough, iron it on high heat while it is still damp. Make sure to iron both sides of the fabric to ensure even shrinkage.

Step 4: Tailor the Cordura

If you need to further reduce the size of your Cordura fabric than what laundry and ironing can provide, taking it to a tailor is the way to go. They can adjust it to the size you’d like.


  • When selecting your clothing made from Cordura fabric, opt for one with some stretchiness, as this will reduce any chances of shrinkage when washed incorrectly.
  • Try not to wear them too often or overexpose them to direct sunlight, as this could cause further damage and fade over time.
  • Always store your items properly by folding them neatly in a cool place away from direct sunlight or heat sources such as radiators or fireplaces.
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