Difference Between Febreze Air And Fabric?

Here is a summary of the key differences between Febreze Air and Fabric products:

Febreze Air Fresheners

  • Used to eliminate odors in the air and refresh rooms with nice scents
  • Work by trapping airborne odor molecules so you can’t smell them
  • Come in spray cans, plug-in warmers, car vent clips, etc.
  • Scents include Spring & Renewal, Linen & Sky, etc.
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Febreze Fabric Refreshers

  • Used to eliminate odors that are sunk into fabrics and textiles
  • Work by dissolving odor molecules and trapping them so they can’t be smelled
  • Typically come in spray bottles for easy application on fabrics
  • Can be used on furniture, curtains, rugs, clothing, pet beds, car interiors, etc.
  • Scents include Original Fresh, Free Nature (unscented), etc.

In summary, Febreze Air products focus on eliminating odors in the air, while Febreze Fabric products target odors that have soaked into fabrics. But they use similar technology to trap odor molecules so they can no longer be detected. Using both provides a comprehensive approach to fight household odors.

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