Did Audrey Brooke Shoes Go Out of Business? Uncovering the Brand’s Current Status

Audrey Brooke Shoes has gone out of business.

The key evidence supporting this:

  • Search result[7] directly states that Audrey Brooke Shoes ceased operations in 2019 due to financial difficulties. The company is no longer manufacturing or selling products.
  • Search results[3], [5], and[9] show that Audrey Brooke shoes are no longer available for purchase from major online retailers like Poshmark, ThredUp, and Amazon.
  • Search result[11] explains that Audrey Brooke was a brand sold exclusively at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse), but has been discontinued by DSW since 2017.

So in summary, yes it seems that Audrey Brooke Shoes has gone out of business as of 2019. The company faced financial struggles and closed down all manufacturing and retail operations. Remaining inventory was sold off by resellers, but no new Audrey Brooke shoes have been produced in recent years.

While fans may be disappointed to see the brand go, there are still plenty of alternatives on the market for similar women’s footwear combining comfort, quality, and classic style. But Audrey Brooke itself appears to now be defunct.

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