Can You Use Regular Sugar in Cotton Candy Machine? [Why]

As an avid cotton candy enthusiast, I often get asked if regular sugar can be used in a cotton candy machine. The answer might surprise you! This blog is for you if you’ve ever dreamt of becoming the next king or queen of cotton candy.

Can I Use Regular Sugar in a Cotton Candy Machine?

Let’s dive into why regular sugar in a cotton candy machine isn’t recommended and what type of sugar we should use instead.

Why Not Regular Sugar?

Regular granulated white sugar may seem the perfect choice for homemade cotton candy. Still, it’s important to remember that it is not designed with a commercial-grade cotton candy machine.

Regular granulated white sugar will not even melt in your machine!

When you start spinning your cotton candy, the pieces will become stuck together and create large clumps of sugary mess rather than the beautiful flossy strands we all know and love.

Not only does this create a mess, but it also poses a severe risk to your health, as burning chunks of sugar could fly out of the machine.

What Kind of Sugar Should We Use Instead?

The good news is that particular types of sugars are available on the market, specifically designed for use with commercial-grade machines. These sugars are very finely ground and dissolve quickly when heated, preventing them from becoming stuck together.

Some companies even produce flavored sugars that come in fun colors and add extra sweetness to your treats!

These sugars are generally more expensive than regular granulated white sugar, but they guarantee superior results each time you use them.

In conclusion, while using regular granulated white sugar in a commercial-grade cotton candy machine may seem economical, it is not recommended due to safety reasons and lack of quality results.

Instead, opt for specially formulated sugars made explicitly with these machines, providing superior results every time and keeping you and your customers safe!

With the right ingredients and knowledge, let your inner confectioner shine through! You have all the tools necessary to make delicious fluffy strands of sweet heaven! Happy spinning!

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