Can You Do Dressage In Equestrian The Game?

The first result states that dressage competitions will be coming soon to the game, but they have not yet been implemented. The gameplay currently focuses on show jumping competitions.

The second and third results also confirm that dressage is not yet available, but is planned as a future addition to the game.

The fourth result is a Reddit thread where users discuss that there is no dressage at this time, though the developers have said they want to add it eventually after working on fixing issues with the riding mechanics.

The fifth result is a FAQ that outlines the different competition classes currently in the game, which do not include dressage.

And the final result is the game’s wiki, which mentions dressage moves but in reference to harmony with the horse during riding, not as part of competitions.

So in summary, dressage is not currently an available competition in Equestrian the Game based on all the search results, but the developers do hope to include it as a future update once other areas of the game are improved first. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!


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