Best Way To Frame A Batik

Batik in Indonesia has existed since the 17th century. As time goes on, people can use batik for decoration inside their homes. There are different kinds of batik designs according to each area. The following will tell you how to decorate your walls with batik art.

How to install batik art as wall decoration?

Batik is an art that people use to decorate homes. If you want a traditional look in your home, then you can use batik art to decorate walls. Batik can also give a classic touch amidst modern elements.

You can use an interior design service to find out what kind of wall hanging batik motifs are suitable for the room. If you ask an interior designer, then they will know more about decorations that are appropriate for using batik motifs. The use of batik motifs in a plain room will make it more lively.

Batik cloth in a frame

People can make wall hangings from batik cloth. You can create one, even if it is just a tiny piece of fabric. This will help the environment by not wasting material when you don’t need it anymore. Hang your batik decoration in your bedroom, family room, or living room to see the difference in the spaces before and after they

The first way to install batik art as a wall decoration is to put it in a frame. You can use paintings, photos, or leftover batik cloth. First, you need to measure the fabric and then choose a frame where it will fit.

Batik doesn’t have to be filled in the frame. You can prepare a plain white background and then paste a piece of batik cloth in the middle. You can make it more beautiful by shaping it with other shapes such as round, triangle, and so on.

Batik motif painting

You can make batik paintings if you are good at drawing. You can use paper, canvas, wood, vinyl, acrylic, and other media to make the painting.

Prepare your painting tools for the kind of paint you are using. You will need brushes, colors, and other things that are required.

If you don’t want to paint a batik, you can buy it from a store. Follow these steps to put the batik on the wall. Make holes in the painting and then attach it to the wall with hooks or some other way.

Make it like a dream catcher.

A dream catcher is a decoration that hangs from the wall. It has a unique shape and colors. Hang the dream catcher on the wall, doors, windows, cabinets – anywhere you want! You can use batik cloth as decoration.

You can make your dream catcher with a batik cloth. There are some tools needed, like a circle and a needle to sew the beads on.

The trick is to hang the pretty fabric on the circle. You can arrange them as neat and attractive as possible. Then you install it in the place you want.

Batik art in wood carving

You can use batik art in wood carvings on your wall. Batik art will make your house look classic and elegant. Your decoration from batik is no longer two-dimensional, but three-dimensional!

To make a batik, you need to provide the primary materials: wood boards and inlay. You need to draw the pattern on the wooden board and carve it according to that pattern.

This method will be very hard for people who don’t know how to carve wood. You can pay someone to do it for you, and that might cost a lot of money.

You can find shops that sell batik art in wood carvings at reasonable prices for your budget.