21+ Best Quality Batik Fabric Design Ideas

Batik fabrics are often used for clothing, wall hangings, tablecloths, and other household items. They are also very durable and easy to care for.

21 Best Quality Cotton Batik Fabric

1. Bali Batik Cotton Fabric – This is one of Indonesia’s most famous types of batik fabric. This batik fabric is usually floral or geometric designs with bright colors. These kinds of batik fabrics are commonly found in souvenir shops in Indonesia.

2. Balinese Handmade Batik Fabric – Another kind of batik fabric that you will find in many Indonesian homes is the “Balinese” style. This particular type of batik fabric comes from the island of Lombok. The pattern on these batik fabrics is more abstract than the ones mentioned above.

3. Traditional Javanese Island Batik Fabric – In Java, several varieties of batik fabric exist. One of them is known as traditional Javanese batik. This type of batik fabric uses bolder color combinations than those seen in Balinese batik.

4. Contemporary Batik Fabric – If you want something that has a bright color scheme but still looks elegant, then contemporary batik might just be what you’re looking for. You’ll see some beautiful modern batik fabric here!

5. Ethnic Batik Prints Fabric – There are so many ethnic batik fabrics out there, but we decided to include only five of them here. Each of these ethnic batik fabric come from various parts of Indonesia such as Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, and Maluku.

6. Printed Batik Fabrics – We have included printed batik fabrics because they look great when combined with solid-colored garments. Some people use printed batik fabrics alone, while others combine them with solids.

7. Traditional Patterns Geometric Batik Fabric – No two pieces are identical when it comes to geometrical batik fabric. That’s why we love this type of batik so much. Its beauty lies in its uniqueness.

8. Ikat Fabric – Ikats are woven using natural dyes. Most ikats today are machine-woven, although hand-weaving is becoming increasingly common. Ikats are typically sold by the bolt, sometimes even by the roll.

9. Kebaya Batik Fabric – Kebayas is another form of batik fabric worn mostly in Southeast Asia. A kebayan blouse is similar to a Western shirt except that it doesn’t close in front like a typical dress. Instead, it covers your chest completely, leaving your arms free.

10. Lace Batik Fabric – Laces are quite simple yet effective. They add elegance to any outfit without being too flashy.

11. Modern Batik Fabric – Nowadays, there are many ways to wear batik fabric. 

12. Batik Blouse – Batik blouses are very versatile. They go well with almost anything, including skirts, shorts, jeans, pants, etc. This elegant fabric is ideal for formal occasions or special events.

13. Batik Tops – Batik tops are extremely fashionable right now. The best batik design is made by skilled artisans on top range from abstract prints to floral motifs.

14. Batik Keraton Skirt – Batik skirts are one of the most popular types of Indonesian clothing. These skirts are usually paired with matching accessories or other kain Panjang outfits. Made by artisan batiks skirts, these skirts are durable and will last for years if taken care of properly.

15. Batik Shorts – Batik shorts are available in various colors and patterns. They are especially suitable for casual occasions.

16. Batik Top – Batik tops are ideal for everyday wear.

17. Batik Tunic – Batik tunics are among Indonesia’s most popular items of apparel. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and lengths.

18. Batik Jacket – Batik jackets are not only practical but also trendy. You’ll find plenty of options at online stores such as Amazon.com.

19. Batik Pants – Batik pants are more than just functional; they’re also beautiful and quality fabric!

20. Batik Scarf – Batik scarves are great because they look good while keeping warm during cold days.

21. Batik Shirt – Batik shirts are some of the most popular garments in Indonesia. There are several varieties ranging from cotton to silk.

22. Batik Quilt Shop Cloth Designs – Many Indonesians wear batik shirts and blouses daily. People like wearing clothes that are comfortable yet stylish. Batik offers both comfort and elegance.

23. Batik Saree – A sari is a long garment worn by women in South Asia. But did you know that men also wear sarees? Yes, men do sometimes wear saree.

24. Batik Dress – Women who live in tropical countries often choose dresses that are lightweight and easy to move around in. Dresses are perfect for hot weather since they allow air to circulate freely underneath.

25. Batik Vest – Vests are generally used as outerwear. However, vests are also commonly seen as undershirts.

26. Batik Tie – Batik ties are always associated with traditional clothing. This type of tie was first introduced in Europe. Today, people use them as neckties.

What is Handmade Batik Fabric?

Batik is a traditional Indonesian technique used to dye cloth using wax or oil dyes. This process creates beautiful designs and patterns that are unique to each piece. It’s made in batik factories and batik craftsmen all over Indonesia. Using Batik techniques and the batik process allows us to create original products that are not easily available elsewhere. Indonesian batik is sometimes more colorful than other types of batik. The colors may vary depending on the region where the product was produced.

Hand-written batik is made when the artist uses his/her hand to draw the design onto the cloth. Hand-drawn batik is considered to have higher artistic value because the artist puts their heart into creating this type of artwork.

The batik cap is made using copper block and batik wax. The design will appear after applying wax to the fabric’s surface. Afterward, the pattern will be transferred into the fabric by applying heat.

Coastal batik like batik pekalongan have been influenced by Chinese culture. Coastal batik includes batik sungkai, batik kebayat and batik pepaya.

Indonesian batik is known worldwide for its high quality and durability. Some people even use them as wallpapers.

Why Buy High-Quality Batik Fabrics?

  • It’s Beautiful! There are many reasons why we love buying batik fabrics. First off, there are so many different kinds of batik fabrics out there. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are plain white while others feature intricate floral prints.
  • It’ll Last Forever! One thing that makes batik such a great material is how durable it is. Unlike regular textiles, batik doesn’t fade away quickly. Even if your favorite shirt gets stained, washed, or torn apart, it’ll still look good years later.
  • It‘s Eco-Friendly! When you buy organic cotton clothes, you’re helping save our environment from pollution. Organic materials don’t contain any harmful chemicals that harm plants and animals. Instead, these natural fibers are grown without pesticides and fertilizers. So, next time you want to shop for eco-friendly items, consider looking at organic options.
  • It’s Easy to Care For! If you wash your clothing regularly, then you won’t need to worry too much about washing your batik shirts. Just remember to keep them clean and dry. You should also avoid putting them near direct sunlight since they might get damaged. If you do find yourself with stains, try rubbing alcohol first before applying soap. Then, rinse thoroughly under running water until no traces of stain remain.
  • It’s Affordable! The price of a batik varies depending on where you live. But regardless of location, you can always expect to pay less than $10 per yard. That means you could easily spend around $50-$100 dollars just on one piece of batik cloth. And when you add up all those savings over time, you end up saving more money overall.
  • It’s Unique! There are many different types of fabrics out there today but not every type will work well as batik. Some examples include silk, linen, rayon, polyester, nylon, etc. These aren’t suitable because their texture isn’t smooth enough. However, some other fabrics like wool, cotton, and satin have been used successfully in making batik.