Are Nike Shoes On Flipkart Original?

Evidence that Nike shoes on Flipkart are original

  • Flipkart states that they sell Nike shoes with discounts from 50-80% off, implying they are selling genuine Nike shoes.
  • The product listings are all branded as Nike and use Nike’s official product images.
  • Multiple customer reviews mention the shoes are original Nike.
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Some concerns raised

  • A few negative reviews complain about receiving fake or defective shoes.
  • It’s unclear if Flipkart directly sources Nike shoes or relies on third-party sellers.

So in summary, Flipkart does appear to sell authentic Nike shoes based on the branding, discounts, and positive reviews stating they received genuine Nike shoes. However, there is a small risk of getting counterfeit or defective shoes based on some negative reviews.

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To ensure you receive original Nike shoes from Flipkart, check the seller details carefully, read recent reviews, inspect shoes upon delivery, and utilize Flipkart’s return policies if needed.

Sticking to listings with many recent positive reviews can further minimize the risk of getting counterfeit shoes.


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