Are Conzuri Shoes Legit?

There are mixed opinions on whether Conzuri shoes are legit.

Key Points on Legitimacy

  • Conzuri has a presence as a seller on Amazon and their own ecommerce site, indicating they are an established business. However, some customers have had issues contacting them for returns/exchanges[2].
  • Multiple reviews mention the shoes are decent quality but may not live up to claims around comfort and durability[1][4]. The height increasing claims also seem exaggerated[1].
  • There are some definite red flags around the extreme discounts Conzuri offers and questions around whether the product photos are original[3]. This suggests some scam risk.
  • However, positive customer reviews around craftsmanship and comfort provide some reassurance of legitimacy[5]. Conzuri also offers a 30-day money back guarantee[5].


In summary, Conzuri Shoes has both legitimate and questionable aspects. While they seem to be an actual business selling real products, some of their claims and practices raise doubt. Customers seem best served approaching with realistic expectations and utilizing purchase protections in case issues arise. More time in business and reviews will better demonstrate if Conzuri is able to consistently deliver a quality product.


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